Saturday, November 20, 2010

No polythene at Botanical Gardens

No polythene at Botanical Gardens

The uses of polythene at Botanical gardens are to be banned from the beginning of next year.
According to  Director of Botanical Gardens Dr Cyril Wijesundera  
that more than three tractor loads of litter mainly polythene is being removed daily from the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens itself. These numbers sometimes exceeds he said.It's  huge  environment problem.
The use of polythene has increased the threat to nature which prompted the Department to take this action he said.  Awareness Programmes on the ban will be held for the visitors at the Gardens within the comings months.
.Accordingly visitors to Peradeniya, Haggala, Henarathgoda Gampaha Botanical Gardens will be subjected to checks for any polythene wrappers. Steps have also been taken to provide alternate meal wrappers at the venues for visitors. Visitors have also been requested to use plantain leaf wrapping for their meals by the Botanical Gardens Department. 

The Department, as a measure to ban the use is also to introduce alternative wrappers and accordingly cloth bags will be made available at the entrance of the Gardens said Dr Wijesundera. The bag will carry the logo of the Botanical Gardens Department so that they could be used at all three gardens in the Country.

Meanwhile visitors have also been advised to use banana leaf wrapping for their meals by the Botanical Gardens Department.

The Royal Botanical Garden, at Peradeniya and is visited by 1.2 million people per year. It is the largest botanical garden on the island.