Wednesday, November 4, 2009

‘Mahinda Mame(Uncle), why did you burn down our humble home?’ -Range Bandara and children stage protest in front of Parliament

Mahinda Mame, why did you burn down our humble home?’ -Range Bandara and children stage protest in front of Parliament

Why Is the law silent?

(Lanka-e-News, Nov.03, 2009, 6.20PM)

UNP M.P. Range Bandara and his family staged a protest in front of the Parliament yesterday (03), against the Govt. for not taking any action against those who committed the arson by setting fire to Range Bandara’s house and office at Chilaw.Range Bandara, his wife, son and two daughters staged the protest by sitting on the side of the roadway leading to the Parliament, and displaying placards which read ‘Mahinda mame, why did you burn down our house ?’, ‘why is the law silent?', ‘Is this SL’s Democracy?’.Range Bandara speaking to Lanka e news stated, that his house and office were burnt down over a month ago. Yet. no suspect has been taken into custody despite himself providing enough evidence to the Police. No inquiry has been conducted and no arrests have been made so far. I had disclosed this even in Parliament. The speaker decided to get down the DIG and others. When they were summoned and questioned they revealed no inquiries had been conducted. The Police were then given a good ‘lecture’, teaching them how they should perform their duties, by the Speaker.

In spite of all this advice and evidence provided, if the Police is inert, it is because they are enjoying the support and patronage from the highest places against proceeding with the inquiry. The Govt. will have to face the retribution. We will have to rise against these evil acts. We have to somehow find a solution. Otherwise, my family and I will launch a fierce campaign locally and internationally. Myself and family will go before the Parliament and stage our strong protests, he observed.

Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who visited the scene of the satyagraha said, it has come to a stage where even the right of an Opposition M.P. to perform his duties democratically is at stake, judging by the outrageous arson committed on Range Bandara’s premises. Mr. Wickremesinghe recounted a number of incidents of violence and political revenge committed by the Govt. against Bandara. This violence and hooliganism of the Govt. must stop and Bandara’s losses shall be compensated for by the Govt., Mr. Wickremesinghe vehemently emphasized.These pictures portray the satygaraha being staged by the M.P. and his family.