Monday, May 12, 2008

New Party From Wimal And Nandana-National Freedom Party

Documents handed over for National Freedom Party

The Wimal Weerawansa faction today produced the documents at the Elections Commissioner's Secretariat to register a new party. The party is named the National Freedom Front(NFF), colour Gold and the emblem the crown.

not ready to accept results says UNP and SLMC

not ready to accept results says UNP and SLMC

UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem addressing a joint press conference in Colombo today said both parties would get onto streets to protest against gross malpractices that took place at the Eastern Provincial polls.

Pillaiyan to be appointed Chief Minister

Pillayan tops preferential votes in Batti

Pillaiyan to be appointed Chief Minister

The election result of the Batticaloa district has prompted the government to appoint Pillaiyan as the Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council.

The PresidentMahinda rajapaksha stated in advance that the person who attains highest number of preferential votes would be appointed as the Chief Minister.

TMVP leader Pillayan has got the most number of preferential votes for the UPFA in Batticaloa with 41, 936 votes while J. S Mohomad came second with 36,419 votes and M.L.A.M Hisbullah came third with 35,949 votes.

Government wins Eastern Provincial Council

Government wins the election for the Eastern Provincial Council

United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) won the Eastern Provincial Council election bagging 20 seats.

United National Party (UNP) allied with the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) won 15 seats. People's Liberation Front (JVP) and Tamil Democratic People's Front (TDPF) won one seat each.

UPFA achieved 388,886 votes while UNP obtained 250,732 votes from the Eastern Province. JVP obtained 9390 votes while TDPF achieved 7714 votes. UPFA won with a majority of 138,154 votes. The total number of votes in the Eastern Province is 982,721.

1342 candidates of 18 political parties and 56 independent groups contested for the 37 seats of the Eastern Provincial Council. The government coalition UPFA that was accused of mass scale election malpractices, won only one seat above UNP. UPFA won 17 seats sans the bonus seats. UNP won 15 seats while JVP and TDPF won one seat each. Government won 20 seats with the bonus seats.
The election for the Eastern Provincial Council was held after 20 years.

This is how the seats distributed district wise.

Ampara district
UPFA - 144,247 votes - 08 seats
UNP - 121,272 votes - 06 seats
JVP - 4745 votes - no seats
Total registered votes - 409,308
Voted 273,389
Number of votes not cast - 135,919

Trincomalee district
UNP - 70,858 (51.37%) votes - 05 seats
UPFA - 59,298 (42.99%) votes - 04 seats
JVP - 4266 (03.09%) votes - 01 seat
Total registered votes - 242,468
Voted -150,624
Rejected - 12,699 (8.43%)
Number of valid votes - 137,929

Batticaloa district
UPFA - 105,341 (58.09%) votes - 06 seats
UNP - 58,602 (32.31%) votes - 04 seats
TDPF - 7714 (04.25%) votes - 01 seat
EPDP - 5418 (02.99%) votes
(JVP achieved only 379 votes from this district.)
Total registered votes - 330,950
Voted -202,443
Rejected - 21,088 (10.42%, an extraordinary percentage)
Number of valid votes - 181,355