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Sri Lanka Media delegation - visit of Karachi Press club

By Sumith Mayadunne from Karachi

Sri Lanka media delegation visited Karachi Press club on Tuesday (21st July) evening. The meeting is organized by Karachi Press club. The Karachi press club team has warmly welcome to the Sri Lanka media delegation. Mr. A.H. Khanzada, secretary of Karachi Press club said this visit is mostly important to share ideas and to build up a journalists friendship between two countries. Many of Pakistan journalists participated to this event.

Senior Pakistan journalist Mr.Abdul Hameed Chapra also participated and expressed his ideas to the media delegation. Mr.Athar Khan, President of Pakistan Association of press photographers, also participated this meeting to share his ideas.

Sri lanka media delegation visit Karachi press club

Srilanka media delegation visited on Tuesday (21st) evening Karachi press club.

We paticipated special meeting organized by karachi Press club.

Picture:A.H. Khanzada express to the delegation. also participated Senier journalist mr. Ameen and Senier Sub editor (Daily Jang) Mr. Naseer Ahmed


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


By Sumith Mayadunne from Karachi


Sri lanka media delegation visited father of Pakistan memorial

By Sumith Mayadunne from Karachi

Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum is a famous landmark of Karachi. The mausoleum is placed in a 53 hectare park and the size of building is 75x75m on ground and 43m high, built on an 4m high platform. In each wall is placed an entrance. 15 successive fountains lead to the platform from one side and from all sides terraced avenues lead to the gates.

This white marble Mausoleum with its curved Moorish arches and copper grills resets on an elevated 54 sq. meters platform. The cool inner sanctum reflects the green of a four-tiered crystal chandelier gifted by the peoples Republic of China. The memorial slab framed with silver railings dawns people from far and wide who come to pay their respects to the father of the Nation and to watch the impressive changing of guards ceremony that takes place everyday. Today the Quaid-e-Azam's Mausoleum is a prominent and impressive landmark of Karachi. Nearby are the graves of the “Quaid-e-Millet”. Liaqat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Quaid`s sister, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah.

Special Thanks to the Project Manager, Major S.Athir Mir.

Pix: Major Ather Mir explain to Sri lanka media deligation from the location
Pictures by : Sumith

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Friendship tour to Pakistan

By Sumith Mayadunne

A group of Sri Lankan media personals departed from Colombo Bandaranaike International airport, today (19) for a tour to Pakistan. This group will be spend 10 days in Pakistan for an invitation which granted by government of Pakistan. Six persons of several media institution of Sri Lanka and Maldivians journalist Miss Shifla Ibrahim participating to this tour. All of these seven members will be visiting important places in Pakistan.

The defense advisor, Pakistan high commission of Sri Lanka, Colonel Khurran Hassian Hondani said that they have scheduled special arrangements to meet VIP persons in politics, Business, Education, tourism and media sector in Pakistan. He said this tour will be developing the friendship between Sri Lanka and Pakistan through the well understanding media. This tour organized and coordinated by Pakistan high commission of Sri Lanka.
Special reports of this tour, will be upload on ''.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Priminister Gilaniand Presidnet Mahinda firm on fighting terrorism

Prime Minister Gilani and President Mahinda firm on fighting terrorism

Pakistan Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Wednesday expressed the resolve to continue making efforts against terrorism and not let the menace hinder the goals of regional peace and prosperity. In a meeting held on the sidelines of NAM summit here, the two sides condemned the acts of terror that were disturbing regional peace and underlined the need for its eradication.
Prime Minister Gilani said Pakistan and Sri Lanka enjoy close and cooperative relationship, based on mutual respect and shared perceptions over the regional and international issues of common interest.
"Pakistan supports the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Sri Lanka and we would like to see durable peace and stability in the country," he said.
He said that both Pakistan and Sri Lanka are victims of terrorism and expressed his government’s commitment to bringing the perpetrators to justice, who were involved in the despicable attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore a few months ago.
He said that there was some progress on the investigation into terrorist attack on Sri Lankan cricket team, and the Pakistan government had been sharing the details with Sri Lankan side from time to time.
Gilani said the culprits involved in the heinous crime seemed to be connected with Taliban network, adding that the authorities concerned had taken some key suspects into custody and were trying to apprehend the remaining with the help of leads provided by the detainees.
"We need not to be deterred by such incidents and maintain our contacts in the popular field of cricket," he said.
The Prime Minister thanked the Sri Lankan side for inviting the Pakistani driver of Sri Lankan cricket team on visit, and said the gesture was greatly appreciated by the Pakistani people.
Gilani said Pakistan would be happy to participate in the next session of Foreign Secretary level bilateral consultations at Colombo and to hold Joint Economic Commission meeting in Islamabad during this year.
The two agreed on the need to transforming the existing Free Trade Agreement between the two countries to a ‘Comprehensive Economic Partnership’.
He appreciated the establishment of Sri Lanka-Pakistan Parliamentary Association in Colombo and called for frequent parliamentary exchanges to forge closer ties between the public representatives.
Gilani expressed satisfaction on the effective implementation of the projects under Pakistan’s Special Assistance Programme for South Asia, on which an amount of Rs.10.66 million had been spent during 2008-2009.
He said Sri Lanka was the largest recipient of free military training from Pakistan with a large number of training courses annually offered by Pakistan Armed Forces. He said Pakistan was willing to further assist Sri Lanka in enhancing the capacity of its armed forces.
The Prime Minister appreciated Sri Lankan government’s decision to invite Pakistan’s Defence Minister to visit Colombo in October, and hoped that it would greatly contribute towards strengthening the bilateral relations.
The Sri Lankan President said the relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka are marked by fraternity, cordiality and support to each other on the diverse issues of common concern.
He appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to fight terrorism and extremism for the improvement of regional peace. He said the two countries could play a positive role through SAARC for making the region peaceful and prosperous place.

Gilani, Manmohan agree that dialogue is the only way forward

Gilani, Manmohan agree that dialogue is the only way forward

A crucial meeting between leaders of Pakistan and India ended here Thursday on a positive note, with both sides agreeing that dialogue was the only way forward.Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh who met here at the Red Sea resort on the sidelines of the 15th NAM summit, where more than 50 heads of state from the developing world are gathered for the two-day summit, agreed to carry on their talks.
Talking to reporters after the meeting that lasted around three hours; including delegation level and exclusive one-on-one talks, Prime Minister Gilani said Pakistan also raised the issue of threats in Balochistan and other areas.
Prime Minister Gilani said Pakistan has said that all core issues need to be discussed and the composite dialogue should not be bracketed with terrorism.
“Action on terrorism should not be linked to the composite dialogue process and these should not be bracketed.”
He said both the leaders have recognized that “dialogue is the only way forward” and agreed that the foreign secretaries should meet as often as necessary and report to the two foreign ministers who will be meeting on the sidelines of the forthcoming UN General Assembly.
A Joint statement issued at the end of the talks termed the meeting “cordial and constructive” and said the two leaders considered entire gamut of relations and agreed that terrorism was the main threat to both the countries.
“The leaders affirmed their resolve to fight terrorism and to cooperate with each other to this end.”
Prime Minister Singh reiterated the need to bring the perpetrators of Mumbai attack to justice. Prime Minister Gilani assured that Pakistan would do everything in its power in this regard.
He said Pakistan has provided an updated status dossier on the investigation of the Mumbai attacks and had sought additional information and evidence in this regard.
Prime Minister Singh said the dossier was being reviewed.
“Both the leaders agreed that the two countries will share real time, credible and actionable information on any future terrorist threats,” the statement said.
“Prime Minister Gilani mentioned that Pakistan has some information on threats in Balochistan and other areas,” the statement said.
Prime Minister Singh said India was ready to discuss all issues with Pakistan including all outstanding issues. Prime Minister Singh reiterated India’s interest in a stable, democratic Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
The joint statement said; “Both leaders agreed that the real challenge is development and the elimination of poverty. Both leaders resolved to eliminate those factors which prevent our countries from realizing their full potential.”
Pakistan and India agreed to work to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence and reaffirmed their intention to promote regional cooperation.

India and Pakistan Agree to Fight Terror Together

The prime ministers of India and Pakistan agreed to cooperate on fighting terrorism and continue talking to each other after the most substantive meeting between leaders of the two countries since the attacks on Mumbai, India, by Pakistan-based militants last year.
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Times Topics: Manmohan Singh Yousaf Raza Gilani
Pakistan’s prime minister pledged to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice, and the two countries agreed to share real-time intelligence on terrorist threats with India, according to a joint statement released by the prime ministers.
Yousaf Raza Gilani, Pakistan’s prime minister, met with Manmohan Singh, his Indian counterpart, in Egypt on Thursday on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement summit meeting in Sharm el-Sheik.
Both the length of the meeting and the fact that the two sides agreed to release a joint statement hinted at a broader progress to resolve differences between the countries. No mention was made of the thorniest of issues that divide them — the foremost being the disputed region of Kashmir — but the statement nonetheless represented a small but not insignificant breakthrough. Both countries acknowledged that terrorism, rather than each other, was the main threat to each nation.
Relations between the neighbors have always been strained, but they broke down completely after the attacks by Pakistan-based Islamic militants in Mumbai that killed 166 people last November. Both have nuclear weapons, and they have fought three wars against each other since India and Pakistan were created in the partition of British India. In recent years Pakistan has also sought to channel antiterrorism funds from the United States toward defenses that would be better suited for a potential war with India.

Singh and Mahinda meet on sidelines of NAM summit

Singh and Mahinda meet on sidelines of NAM summit

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Mahinda Rajapaksa met on the sidelines of NAM summit on Thursday. Their meeting took place at Maritim Jolie Ville Golf Hotel in Shame El Sheikh shortly after the Singh-Gilani bilateral.
While there is no official word as such on what the two leaders had discussed, informed sources said the conversation mainly focused on the present status of the relief and rehabilitation programme and the plans for finding a lasting political solution to the pestering ethnic imbroglio.
President Rajapaksa is understood to have spoken of his plans and planks to fulfill his commitment to the people. The Indian leader reportedly appreciated the efforts and reiterated the Delhi line for an early solution to the ethnic issue within the framework of united Sri Lanka.
This was their first meeting after the Eelam War ended which also coincided with the return of Singh as Prime Minister for his second successive term.

Sri Lanka looks to future with hope and enthusiasm

Sri Lanka looks to future with hope and enthusiasm
President Mahinda Rajapaksa, addressing the 15th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement at Sharm El Shieik, Egypt today (June 15), observed that terrorism not only threatens, but diminishes everyone adding, "Sri Lanka has consistently condemned terrorism in all its forms and therefore we are happy at our success in defeating terrorism on our soil, and hope that the world, like our principled friends here will rejoice with us and not begrudge a victory they should hope will be repeated elsewhere."

The full text of the President’s speech is given below:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Egypt, Non-Aligned nations focus on meltdown

In Egypt, Non-Aligned nations focus on meltdown

This July 15, 2009 photo released by the United Nations shows U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, left, speaking with Cuban President Raul Castro after the Non Aligned Movement Summit in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.(AP Photo/UN, Mark Garten

World leaders gathered Wednesday(15TH ) at an Egyptian Red Sea resort town for a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, a 118-nation group that was born during the Cold War but is now struggling to stay relevant.The Sharm el-Sheik summit is the 15th since the movement was created more than five decades ago.

Cuba’s president on Wednesday called for an international financial system that better takes into account developing countries’ interests, as the global recession captured the spotlight at a summit of non-aligned nations.

Raul Castro’s remarks at the opening session of the two-day Non-Aligned Movement’s meeting in this Red Sea resort were echoed by other leaders and build on earlier discussions among officials from the 118-nation grouping of mostly of African, Asian and Latin American nations.

“We demand the establishment of a new international financial and economic structure that relies on the participation of all countries,” Castro said, ahead of handing over the movement’s presidency to Egypt.

“There must be a new framework that doesn’t depend solely on the economic stability and the political decision of only one country,” the Cuban leader said, apparently referring to the United States.
The new system must give developing countries “preferential treatment,” he said without elaborating.
said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said "the economic crisis has revealed the need to improve the international financial architecture, so we may see the developing world and emerging powers gain more of a say in that realm."
The call by Castro, whose country has been under U.S. sanctions for decades, followed similar demands by the movement's foreign ministers and senior officials who stressed after four days of meetings here that joint action was needed to ward off the global meltdown's impact.
The summit's draft declaration also calls for the group to coordinate with China — attending the summit as an observer — to have their voices heard at international financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
The movement — born in the 1950s ago as a group of nations allied neither with the U.S. nor the Soviet Union — has lost much of its relevance with the end of the Cold War. Over the past two decades, it has become a forum in which developing nations meet to complain.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in his address, recognized the "challenge" facing the movement's founding principles, saying the group must work closely with developed nations to address the world's biggest problems, such as terrorism and financial instability.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pakistan Sacrifices in war against Terror

Pakistan Sacrifices in war against Terror

In loving memory of Capt. Omerzeb (Shaheed) – A brave soldier, an obedient son, a caring brother and a loving fiancé !

Since the operation against militants began In April last month, over 1100 militants had been killed and over 60 soldiers had been martyred so far. Yet I never felt the pain of those dying in the name of their country’s sovereignty against terrorism so excruciating as the martyrdom of my sister’s fiancé.
He was only 24 years old, a month older to me and he was very smart and handsome boy. He loved my sister and she loved him and we all love him just as much as his own family loved him he was engaged to my younger sister and they were looking forward to getting married by next year.
On 11th of may 2009he was deployed to lower dir as part of the operation ‘Rah-e-Rast & rsquo; against militants in swat and near- by areas. He left from Rawalpindi and we all prayed for him. We never knew he was leaving forever let me narrate to you what happened just 10 hours before he embraced martyrdom – we Muslims call shahadat & rsquo; it was mid night the beginning of the painful 21st of may was the day when 23 years ago my younger sister came into this world. He sang to her birthday song in 6 different languages, he gave her his prayers and told her how bad he feels for not being there with her on her birthday he was in lower dir and she was here with us in Rawalpindi. She said to him I wish you were here on my birthday I wish I could have celebrated my birthday with you and he replied, do you want me to come over. Should I come over to Rawalpindi in the morning and we celebrate your birthday together? She said yes, please, please do.
He did come over on her birthday but not the way we wanted him to come over. He didn’t come to her waling on his feet, holding a bouquet in his hands just the way he promised to her last night . instead, he came on the shoulders of sad soldiers in a box we call a marty’s coffin! He had been martyred on the 21st of may 2009 the very day my sister came into this world , he left this world forever on my sisters birthday!
I received a call at around 11 30 in the morning I was in Islamabad it was my ill-fated sister and she was crying like a mad woman. She was literally screaming in the phone so I couldn’t understand what she was trying to tell me. I heard something like a blast in lower dir, a strip running on a tv channel showing my sisters fiancé’s name among the martyred. She was hysterical. She wanted me home right away.
I left in panic, I kept praying the news I just heard was false. It look me an hour to reach home form Islamabad to Rawalpindi. I was met with screams of my sister who was out of control of almost everyone. She wasn’t accepting the fact that her love has left her on her birthday. She kept screaming, your guys are lying to me. He is not dead. He cannot leave me. He promised me to celebrate 93 birthdays with me. This was our first. He cant leave me on our(her) first birthday, he promised me 93 birthdays together.
I couldn’t see her like this I had broke down in tears, my mother was half living half dead we all left for his house. What I saw there, I cannot narrate in words. His mother was still tears in her eyes , she hugged me and the first thing she said was, hold on to your sister she will die. Take care of he I was looking at her. This was the mother of a brave soldier, a soldier who was our love one , but a soldier who came home on his love’s birthday but not the way any member of his family or mine would have ever imagined or wanted him back.
Even if I wanted to tell you what my family on the whole and specifically my younger sister is going through, I won’t be able to because there are no words to put down my pain, my family’s loss, his family’s sufferings and most of all my sisters desolation. Two families were destroyed when one solider died. 14 hearts wept dry of blood when one heart stopped beating on the 21st of may all sacrifices in the name of peaceful, safe terrorism free country.
Capt. Omerzeb like many soldiers sacrificed his life for the greater good of his nation but is the nation even thankful to those families who have bee left scarred for life. When sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers die every other day while fighting the militants, how many people in our nation pray for their safety, their long lives, their safe return? They know that when they are sitting in the comforts of their homes, it is these brave man fighting on the borders for them to have that sense of security and comfort.
My heart breaks every time I see my younger sister who has not regained her self so far. Who wakes up in the middle of the night and weeps like a child, who hasn’t eaten 24 hours, and whose eyes have swollen dry of tears that have drained her off completely. I wish this fight against the militants come to an end soon. Till now every time soldiers died, we thought we felt the pain but no, we couldn’t nobody can until your loves one goes away when you are least expecting now, I can truly say I know what a marty’s family goes through when their beloved leaves them forever.
My his soul rest in peace, may all those soldiers who have give their live for the noble cause, for there country rest in peace most of all the families who have lost their sons, their brothers, their husbands and their fathers, may god give them strength, patience, and peace of heart, I post this true story of distraught family , of my family of my loss. Of my younger sister’s anguish to pay tribute to the brave Capt. Omerzeb for his valor and all the love that he gave us in whatever little time we spent with him. God bless us all !

Pakistan Army Chief hosts dinner to share jubilation

Pakistan Army Chief hosts dinner to share jubilation

Chief army of staff in Pakistan General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and his wife hosted a dinner to share the jubilation with Sri Lanka friends on their historic victory against LTTE at the Army House, the official residence of the Commander in Islamabad.
Pakistan’s Sri Lanka high Commissioner Air chief marshal Jayalath Weerakkody and his wife were the chief guests.
General kayani said the Government, the armed forces of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan were glad to be able to share the jubilation of Sri Lanka to be able to share the jubilation of Sri Lanka to crush terrorism in the island nation.
He said Sri Lanka had been Pakistan very close friend for the last so many years and Pakistan was particularly proud about Sri Lanka’s victory over terrorism .While conveying his good wishes to Sri Lanka’s armed forces General Kayani said he is confident the strong cooperation existing at present could be even made stronger in the future. High Commissioner Weerakkody said Sri Lanka and Pakistan political and defense wise enjoy the best of the mutual relations. Even back in 1996. When Sri Lanka faced tremendous difficulties military in quelling the strong militaristic terrorism, aimed both at the armed forces and police as well as unarmed civilians .Pakistan helped the island nation without imposing any conditions. The credit said weerakkody should go to the government the armed forces and the people of Pakistan. He said the help rendered was more precious as it was rendered in the midst of some international opposition he said, he was confident the military relationship world improve in the future.
The high commissioner said during 20 years Sri Lanka became the highest recipient of Pakistani help training about 5,300 armed forces personnel and receiving military hardware.

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Implementation of 13th Amendment is a Guarantee of our National Security

Implementation of 13th Amendment is a Guarantee of our National Security
by Dayan Jayatilleka
There are two types of people who assert that President Mahinda Rajapakse is against the 13th amendment or does not intend to or will not implement it. These are the Tamil ultranationalists, the Tamil hawks and their fellow-traveling Sinhala doves, who say that no devolution will emanate from the Rajapakse administration, and the Sinhala hardliners who oppose any kind of devolution and attempt to use President Rajapakse’s patriotic profile behind which to hide their extremism. Some even invoke Mahinda Chinthana, oblivious to the irony that Mahinda Rajapakse can be safely trusted to know the letter and spirit of Mahinda Chinthana better than anyone else.
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Britain relaxes travel restrictions

British High Commissioner Dr. Peter Hayes said the UK Government has relaxed several restrictions on travel to Sri Lanka.
“We no longer discourage British holidaymakers from enjoying leopard-spotting at Yala National Park, surfing at Arugam Bay or admiring the Trincomalee harbour, one of the world’s deepest natural ports,” he said.
“This decision was based on our assessment of the improving security situation in these parts of Sri Lanka,”the British High Commissioner said.
In light of the uncertain security situation in areas recently affected by conflict, we continue to discourage British tourists from traveling to other parts of the Eastern Province and continue to advise against all travel to northern Sri Lanka,” he said.
“Now, we encourage Britons planning to travel around Sri Lanka to read our full travel advisories,” he noted.

4th SAARC Children and Senior Officials’ Conference in Colombo

4th SAARC Children and Senior Officials’ Conference in Colombo

The fourth SAARC Ministerial Conference on Children and the 4th SAARC Senior Officials’ Conference on Children will be held on July 9 and 10 at Hilton Hotel, Colombo.
The event is significant for the region and especially for Sri Lanka because it is going to be held after a period of 13 years and Sri Lanka hosts the event after defeating terrorism after 30 years, Child development and Women’s Empowerment Ministry spokesman said.
The inauguration of the 4th SAARC Senior Officials’ Conference on Children will be held from 9.30 am to 10.40 am on July 9 at Hilton Hotel, Colombo and the 4th SAARC Ministerial Conference on Children to be inaugurated on July 10 at 9.15 am under the patronage of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka.

Dengu death increase--

Dengue fever claims 163 lives

The number of patients who have died due to dengue fever increased to 163 and more than 14,635 have been infected so far, hospital reports said.
Meanwhile, in addition to the dengue prevention programmes that are being implemented, the Ministry of Health is carrying out raids on dengue mosquito breeding grounds. The Ministry has appointed 10 officials to supervise the dengue control program in 10 districts where the identified 68 MOH areas are located. The program will be implemented by the Civil Defence Committees, Grama Niladharis, Samurdhi animators, MOH officers, PHIs and all the other health officers in the relevant area. The dengue control program consists of educational programs, shramadana campaigns, inspections and taking legal action against persons who do not cooperate with the authorities to destroy mosquito breeding sites.(SST)

Nation building needs advanced foresight -President Rajapaksa

Nation building needs advanced foresight -President Rajapaksa

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday observed that a Nation could not be built only with dollars and rupees and the lost freedom could not be reinstated simply through power and political means, but needed much advanced foresight, to achive these objectives.
Such foresight, as displayed by the Hikkaduwe Sumangala Thera when establishing a Buddhist School like Ananda(1886), instead of sowing anti-imperialism by just shouting slogans in an era repressed by imperialistic ideologies, had stood the nation in good stead in its hour of need, he added.
“In line with its historical beginning Ananda became a shelter for people that were repressed by imperiolistic ideologies and was a role model for many other Schools which followed the same path in the wake of Ananda”
“That School today has breathed life to the Nation than have a trillion slogans,” the President said participating at a felitication ceremony at Ananda College, Colombo where the historic educational institute paid tribute to its illustrious sons who played a pivotal role in vanquishing the forces of terror.
The President also noted that Ananda over the years had produced men of excellence to the National leadership and although they had excelled in different fields and had chosen different ideologies, they had one common quality, that is the unwavering love for their motherland.
“Therefore the war heroes felicitated by Ananda today, have not only made their Alma Mater proud but also has taught a lesson for all School children in the country on how to be a good leader,” he added

Separate country unrealistic - Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi

"Separate country unrealistic" - Karunanidhi

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi says it would be unrealistic to talk of separate country for Sri Lankan Tamils.He told the state Assembly on Wednesday that it would be unrealistic to talk of a separate country for Sri Lankan Tamils anymore and that it would be best to press for a fair deal for them within Sri Lanka.He also felt it would be unwise on the part of Tamil Nadu political leaders to make any comments that could inflame passions among the Sinhalese.
Chief Minister Karunanidhi said only by working with the Mahinda Rajapakse government could one hope to ensure proper rehabiliation for the displaced Tamils and also secure Tamils of Lanka justice and adequate say in governance.