Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Minister Mervin Silva injured in accident

Minister Mervin Silva injured in accident

Deputy minister of Labour Mr.Mervin Silva injured an accident at Aralaganwilla(out of Colombo) in this evening.He and three have been airlifted to the colombo national hospital.
One pradeshiyasaba member(Kelaniya local government) died in this accident.

30000 people displaced and 7died due to floods

30000 people displaced and 7 died due to floods

The flood situation in three districts of the country has displaced 30000 people with 6700 families so far, Disaster relief center said today. Dispales people from ratnapura kalutara and Gampaha Districts.Most people displaced from Ratnapura districtinclude 2177 families.

Rathnapura town was flooded this afternoon since the water levels went up in a number of rivers including Kalu Ganga, We Ganga, Kuru Ganga, Denawak Ganga and Hangamu Ganga.

Disaster Situation in Ratnapura
A disaster situation has been declared in Ratnapura following the extensive flooding. Seven deaths have already been reported from the region. Number of areas in Rathnapura, Kuruwita, Kiriella, Pelmadulla, Kahawaththa, Niwithigala, Kalawana, Ayagama and Elapatha divisional secretary areas are under water now.

Rathnapura District Secretary Ms. Malani Premarathna said that several areas of the district would be at risk of landslides if rain continued for six more hours.

All schools in areas affected by floods in the Ratnapura District have been closed with immediate effect.
The governmebt action for relef activities for the displase persons. and will be grant Rs.15,000/- per died person.

Claymore kills a farmer in Kebithigollewa

Claymore kills a farmer in Kebithigollewa

A farmer was killed when a claymore mine exploded in Kebithigollewa yesterday(28th) evening, the Police said.