Friday, September 4, 2009

Journalsit Tissanayagam jailed for 20years

Journalsi Tissainayagam jailed 20 years

Journalist J.S.Tissainayagam was convicted and sentenced to 20years hard labour in jail for editing and publishing the magazine "North Eastern Monthly" .

The sentence was imposed on three charges

1.conspiring to edit,print and distribut the north easternmonthly magazine from June 1,2006-2007, an offence punishable under the prevention of Terrorism Act;

2. collecting money to run the magazine and

3. thereby furthering the cause of terrorism, an offence punishable under the Emmergency regulations and inciting communal feelings by editing, printing and distributing the magazine.

Colombo High court judge Deepali Wijesundara imposed five yers hard labour in jail on each of the first two counts. And ten years of hard labour in jail on the third count. The jail terms are to be served consecutively which means a total of 20years.