Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sri Lanka Media delegation - visit of Karachi Press club

By Sumith Mayadunne from Karachi

Sri Lanka media delegation visited Karachi Press club on Tuesday (21st July) evening. The meeting is organized by Karachi Press club. The Karachi press club team has warmly welcome to the Sri Lanka media delegation. Mr. A.H. Khanzada, secretary of Karachi Press club said this visit is mostly important to share ideas and to build up a journalists friendship between two countries. Many of Pakistan journalists participated to this event.

Senior Pakistan journalist Mr.Abdul Hameed Chapra also participated and expressed his ideas to the media delegation. Mr.Athar Khan, President of Pakistan Association of press photographers, also participated this meeting to share his ideas.

Sri lanka media delegation visit Karachi press club

Srilanka media delegation visited on Tuesday (21st) evening Karachi press club.

We paticipated special meeting organized by karachi Press club.

Picture:A.H. Khanzada express to the delegation. also participated Senier journalist mr. Ameen and Senier Sub editor (Daily Jang) Mr. Naseer Ahmed