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May 31st-World No Tobacco Day 2009

May 31st-World No Tobacco Day 2009

The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2009 is "Tobacco Health Warnings", with an emphasis on the picture warnings that have been shown to be particularly effective at making people aware of the health risks of tobacco use and convincing them to quit. More and more countries are fighting back against the epidemic of tobacco by requiring that packages of tobacco show the dangers of the product's use, as called for in guidelines to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death. More than 1.2 million people die every year in South-East Asia Region due to tobacco use. The wide-spread use of tobacco products in the Region has resulted from unrestricted use of marketing tools by the tobacco industry, the addictive nature of nicotine and the lack of knowledge about the harmful effects of tobacco products among tobacco users and non-users in the form of second-hand tobacco smoke. The lack of regulation of the tools of a product that kills half of its users has exposed the population to the misinformation of the tobacco industry about the suitability of their products.
The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in its Article 11 mandates that countries should enact effective measures to ensure appropriate health warnings on tobacco products packages. It also says that these health warnings should be rotating, large, clear, visible, legible and include pictures or pictograms and occupy at least 50% or more and no less than 30% of the principal display areas. The third session of the Conference of the Parties (COP), held in Durban, South Africa in November 2008 also adopted guidelines for implementation of Article 11 which provide detailed information for countries to effectively implement their obligations in relation to Packaging and Labelling of Tobacco Products. In addition, the MPOWER Policy Package promotes effective tobacco health warnings as an intervention under its one of the six policies - “Warn about the dangers of tobacco”.
Comprehensive health warnings about the dangers of tobacco use play a vital role in changing its image, especially among adolescents and young adults. Text and pictorial health warnings are useful to communicate the health risks of tobacco use, provoke more thought about the health risks of tobacco use and have a greater emotional response and generate increased motivation and intention to quit. They are particularly effective in communicating health effects to comparative low literate populations, children and young people.
Call for action
Call to policy-makers
Promote your country's accession to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, whose Article 11 guidelines lay out the elements of effective tobacco health warnings.
Use the MPOWER package — specifically, the "W", which stands for "Warn about the dangers of tobacco" — to counter the tobacco epidemic and to help countries meet their commitments under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
Require by law that all tobacco products display large picture warnings about the harm caused by tobacco and its many other negative consequences.
Build on the experiences of other countries to craft the most effective warnings and implement them for the greatest possible impact.
Base your decisions on impartial scientific evidence, not on the claims of the tobacco industry. Tobacco companies oppose strong health warnings, particularly those with pictures. The arguments they use against health warnings are false and should not be relied upon.

Call to civil society and nongovernmental organizations
Advocate for picture-based warnings on all tobacco products.
Campaign for and help to develop and implement laws that require picture-based warnings on tobacco products.
Act as a watchdog to monitor tobacco-industry packaging strategies and compliance with statutory warnings.
Evaluate and share information about the effectiveness of picture warnings.

Call to the public
Demand your right to know the truth — the whole truth — about the dangers of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.
Let everyone know that you support picture warnings.

New pictures in former no war free zone area

Former War free zone now through camara eye

This is the present pictures of the former no-fire zone in Vellamullivaikkal, Irattavaikkal etc.
These are rial photos were captured by AP, Times and Reuter photo journalists from the helicopter UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon travelled over the no-fire zone.
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(Lankaenews report)

Sri Lanka rejects deaths report

Sri Lanka rejects deaths report
(BBC Report)
The Times says that the deaths happened during the Tigers' last stand
The Sri Lankan government has strongly denied allegations that more than 20,000 civilians were killed during its recent onslaught against Tamil rebels.
The figures published in The Times newspaper in the UK - quoting official documents and witness accounts - is far higher than previously thought.
A senior official from Sri Lanka's Centre for National Security told the BBC the accusations were totally false.
The UN says that there are no confirmed estimates of civilian casualties.
The last time it gave an estimate was about two weeks before the end of the war, when it said that 6,500 people had died.
But the UN Resident Co-ordinator for Sri Lanka, Neil Buhne, has told the BBC that he has no final figure in part because access to displaced people in camps is restricted by the government.
The government's denials are likely to be dismissed by many of its critics, who accuse it of repeatedly giving out inaccurate information about what has been happening in the north.
Aid agencies point out that its insistence that only about 110,000 civilians were trapped in fighting in the north - and its condemnation of UN figures saying the true figure was twice that - was followed by more than 250,000 civilians emerging from the area.
Expert testimony
The Times on Friday published what it said were photographs showing a devastated area in the former conflict zone where an estimated 100,000 people were sheltering.
The government says that it is doing all it can to protect displaced people
It said that more than 20,000 Tamil civilians had been killed in the final throes of the war, most as a result of government shelling.
Video evidence published by The Times suggests that the Tamil Tigers established mortar positions and military encampments within camps for displaced people, which were then shelled by the military.
Government forces were meant to have stopped using heavy weapons on 27 April.
From that time onwards they were supposed to observe a no-fire zone where 100,000 Tamil men, women and children were sheltering.
The paper says that it compiled its evidence using aerial photographs, official documents, witness accounts and expert testimony.
"The offensive ended Sri Lanka's 26-year civil war with the Tamil Tigers, but innocent civilians paid the price," the Times says.
It says that the evidence was compiled from confidential UN documents which record 6,500 civilian deaths in the no-fire zone up to the end of April, with an average of 1,000 civilians killed each day until 19 May, the day after Velupillai Prabhakaran, the leader of the Tamil Tigers, was killed.
'Jilted old woman'
A senior official from Sri Lanka's Centre for National Security, Laksham Hullegalle said there had been no shelling or killing in the zone, and that the photographs were "totally unbelievable".
Fighting intensified in the latter stages of the war
"The decision was taken by the government not to use any heavy weapons from the beginning of this month," he said.
"From that time onwards there was no heavy shelling."
Mr Hullegalle said there was a possibility the photos were fake and that there had been no corroborating evidence from civilians who fled the area and no bodies discovered.
The Permanent Secretary to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Palitha Kohona, also dismissed the report.
"I am bemused that The Times, like a jilted old woman, is continuing a bitter campaign against Sri Lanka based on unverified figures and unsubstantiated assertions," he said.
"The simple fact is that Sri Lanka eliminated a detestable terrorist group and in the process rescued over 250,000 hostages held as a human shield by the terrorists."

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Transfer of Pakistani Prisoners

Transfer of Pakistani Prisoners
from Sri Lankan to Pakistan

Sixteen Pakistanis who were serving various terms in Sri Lankan jails are being sent to Pakistan under the Agreement for the “Transfer of Offenders” signed between the Governments of Pakistan and Sri Lanka in December 2004. They will travel in four groups starting from May 27, 2009.

The prisoners will be received in Karachi by the Immigration Authorities of Pakistan. Later, they will be handed over to prison officials of the Home Department of the Government of Sindh to complete the remaining term of their sentences. The names of the prisoners are Zia-ud-Din Malik, Muhammad Saleem, Muhammad Farooq, Shahzad Ahmad, Muhammad Iqbal, Faiz-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Sarwar, Hassan Ali, Najam-ul-Hassan, Akif Shoaib, Hussain Ahmad, Ali Ahmad, Saadat Rasheed, Syed Tariq-ur-Rehman, Ali Akbar Shah and Syed Najam-ul-Hassan.

The prisoners have thanked President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sri Lankan authorities for taking interest in their transfer.

They also thanked the High Commission of Pakistan at Colombo for its persistent efforts in pursuing their cases. Most prisoners were sentenced for trafficking in drugs.

This is the second transfer. Earlier, six prisoners were transferred to Pakistan in July 2006. The prisoners are required to serve their remaining sentences in Pakistan .

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Protection for Lankans living abroad

Protection for Lankans living abroad

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a programme to protect Sri Lankan nationals living abroad from attacks by LTTE sympathizers following the defeat of LTTE terrorism in the country and foreign ministries in all countries have been briefed on strengthening security for Sri Lankans.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Rohitha Bogollagama has held discussions with relevant governments to provide additional security for Sri Lankan nationals. Also, the minister has made a special appeal to provide additional security to Sri Lankan missions abroad.Under the Geneva Convention, parties to the agreement are bound to provide security to foreign embassies in their countries.

Sri Lankan Americans Hold Peace Rally in Washington

Sri Lankan Americans Hold Peace Rally in Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 23, 2009) – Several hundred Sri Lankan Americans and friends of Sri Lanka gathered in Washington today for a daylong peace rally in support of the Sri Lankan victory over the LTTE earlier this week. Billed as Sri Lanka: One nation – under one flag, the rally organized by "We are Sri Lankans" was held in the shadow of The White House.The rally was attended by Sri Lankan Americans cutting across ethnic and religious persuasions. They hailed from several parts of the country including Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C."Today’s rally was a show of solidarity in response to the government's humanitarian mission to rescue thousands of civilians and put an end to the 26-year-old conflict with the LTTE and widespread terrorism," said one of the rally’s organizers. "We are now a fully sovereign nation under one flag and one democratic ideal. We are now fortunate to move forward as a stronger and more peaceful, prosperous society." For more information, please visit

Jinnah Scholarship Scheme 2009

Jinnah Scholarship Scheme 2009

The annual function for distribution of the Jinnah Scholarship among deserving Sri Lankan students of A Level, O Level and Bachelors programs (2006-07 results) was held in Colombo on May 14, 2009 under the auspices of the Pakistan High Commission. Hon Minister for Education Mr. Susil Premajayantha was the Chief Guest on this occasion.

The Hon. Minister for Eduation Mr. Susil Premajayantha is awarding Jinnah Scholarship to a student in a function organized by Pakistan High commission in Colombo recently. The High Commissioner of Pakistan is also seen in the Photo. The Pakistan High Commission this year has awarded the 158 Jinnah Scholarship, sponsored by Government of Pakistan among the Sri Lanka students of O/Level, A/Level and Bachelor Programs.
The Government of Pakistan is funding the studies of deserving and top performing Sri Lankan students under this scheme. In 2007, during the launch of the Jinnah Scholarship Scheme, 85 students had received their stipends followed by 100 in next year. However, in view of the importance of this project which has served as yet another cementing block for bilateral friendly relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka , the Government of Pakistan this year has decided to grant Jinnah Scholarship to 158 best Sri Lankan students, in the three categories.

Separate merit lists for O Level, A Level and Bachelors students are compiled, considering their results. Each successful student is given a stipend of SL Rs. 24,000/- (twenty four thousand) to assist in their studies.

In addition, Pakistan also offers sixteen scholarships to deserving students every year in Medicine and Engineering to pursue their higher professional education in Pakistan .

The High Commissioner, Shaheen A Gilani, in his brief remarks during the ceremony emphasized the importance of sharing bilateral capacities enabling socio-economic uplift of our peoples. He reiterated Pakistan ’s continued support to Sri Lanka in enhancing our younger generations nation-building capacities with better educational opportunities. He stated that only strong societies will have the resilience to sustain against emerging challenges; “strong societies make stronger nations. We need to help each other to be stronger in the face of contemporary challenges.”

The Chief Guest Mr. Susil Premajayantha thanked the Government of Pakistan for their unconditional and unequivocal support to Sri Lanka in the socio-economic domain

Pakistan felicitates Sri Lanka on great victory over terrorism

Pakistan felicitates Sri Lanka on great victory over terrorism

Pakistan felicitates Sri Lanka on great victory over terrorism

Pakistan has felicitated the Government of Sri Lanka on the achievement of the “great victory over terrorism”. This congratulatory message was conveyed to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hussein A. Bhaila by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Nawabzada Malik Amad Khan who telephoned the latter 20th May 2009.

Speaking further, the Pakistan State Minister stated that Pakistan has always been a steadfast friend of Sri Lanka and strongly supported the country’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity and re-affirmed his Government’s continued cooperation with Sri Lanka in countering terrorism. He requested the Deputy Minister to convey his good wishes and felicitations to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Foreign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama.

Deputy Minister Bhaila, reciprocating the warm sentiments of his Pakistan counterpart, pointed out that the Government and the people of Sri Lanka have considered Pakistan as a true friend of Sri Lanka, which has always stood by it in times of need. Therefore, he deeply appreciated his Pakistan colleague’s spontaneous gesture to telephone and convey the congratulations of the Pakistan Government on the defeat of terrorism in Sri Lanka, which is indeed a great victory for all peace loving people in the country.

Jaffna and vavniya Local Government election soon

the Government will hold the local government elections for the Jaffna Municipal Council and the Vavuniya Urban Council soon. The Gazette Notification in this connection was to be issued last night. Nominations for the election will be announced on June 4.
According to Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, establishment of local government bodies in the North would give an impetus for development and democracy in the Northern province which was battered by terrorism for almost three decades.

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Maharagama-House for sale


House for sale- Maharagama

Maharagama 5 minits walk to town centre, 5 bed rooms, two story house in 11 perch for sale asap.

clean deeds, in a good decorative order, own water supply, line, 3 bathrooms inc. 1 for servants, off street parking,excellent neighbourhood.buyer may pay in any currency either in Sri Lanka or abroad. vacant position.

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U.N. Secretary-General visits IDPs in Chettikulam

U.N. Secretary-General visits IDPs in Chettikulam

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the displaced ersons camps in Chettikulam with Minister of Foreign Affairs Rohitha Bogollagama today(23) .
The U.N. Secretary-General was pleased with the facilities given to the IDPs by the Government , sources said. Minister of Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services Risath Bathiyutheen told that the U.N. Secretary-General’s visit was appreciated by the IDPs warmly.
Government Agent of Vauniya S.M.Charles and Army Chief of Staff Major General G. A. Chandrasiri accompanied the U.N. Secretary-General in tour.Ban Ki-moon is scheduled to meet President Mahinda Rajapaksa later this evening in Kandy.

I will never allow this nation to be divided again- President

I will never allow this nation to be divided again- President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa,conferred with the highest national award-"Wishwa Keerthi Sri ThreeSinhaladeeshwara" at the Magul Maluwa in the historic Dalada Maligawa,Kandy today by the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters solemnly pledged to protect the nation that he united with his life, and to ensure that it will never be divided again.
An emotionally moved President said the blessings of the Maha Sangha was the greatest strenght in the effort to unite the divided nation after thirty years, and placed his reverence at the feet of the venerable maha sangha.He recalled with gratitude the yeoman service rendered by the Defence Secretary, Service Chiefs,IGP and the gallant armed forces in the battle to protect and unite this country

UN Chief arrives in Sri Lanka

UN Secretary General arrives in Sri Lanka

United Nations Secretary General,Ban Ki-moon arrived in Colombo last night.He is now in Kandy for an audience with President Mahinda Rajapaksa.The UN Chief is expected to visit several IDP camps during his brief stay.

National War Heroes Commemoration

National War Heroes Commemoration

This is the first War Heroes commemoration rally being held in the country that has obtained complete freedom after 30 years. I address you today a country that is completely free, in a unitary state, under a single national standard.

Many years ago many of you too, did not think it would be possible to defeat the LTTE militarily. Not only you, even the international community did not believe we would be ever able to carry out that task.Some national leaders from abroad told me that the LTTE leader was one who had achieved the best skills in warfare; that he had won in battles against many of our military commanders. The LTTE had both strength and experience. Therefore, we should not go to war with him. They wanted what was already divided to be given to the LTTE.

President Congratulates Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

President Congratulates Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

Message of Congratulations from President Mahinda Rajapaksa to Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on his being sworn in as Prime Minister for a second term.

The Government and people of Sri Lanka join me in extending to you our sincere congratulations on your being sworn in once again as Prime Minister of India. Having come to know you closely, I am indeed happy that our association will be strengthened in the years to come as a result of your re-election.

India's prime minister sworn in

India's prime minister sworn in

Dr.Manmohan Singh was sworn in Prime Minister on Friday evening for a second successive term along with 19 Cabinet colleagues as part of the first phase of government formation.

Dr.Singh is serving a secound consecutive term.

(from top) President Pratibha Patil administering the oath of office and secrecy to Manmohan Singh, as Prime Minister, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Friday. Being sworn in Ministers are Pranab Mukherjee, Mamata Banerjee and Sharad Pawar.

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HOUSE FOR SALE -Maharagama


Maharagama 5 minits walk to town centre, 5 bed rooms, two story house in 11perch for sale asap.
clean deeds, in a good decorative order, own water supply, line
, 3 bathrooms inc. 1 for servants, off street parking,excellent neighbourhood.
buyer may pay in any currency either in sri lanka or abroad. vacant position.

please contact Hebert/Padmini on +94-452223568 (From Sri lanka 045-2223568)or
International Community welcome

US happy SL war ended
The United States welcomed the end to a three decade old terrorist war in Sri Lanka, reports reaching Colombo said.
The US has now requested the SL government to expedite the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction to facilitate the needs of the displaced

Russia welcomes news of LTTE defeat

The Government of Russia has extended warmest congratulations to the President and the Government of Sri Lanka on the success achieved by the island nation in defeating LTTE terrorism, Foreign Ministry sources said.
According to the Foreign Ministry, "Russia supports the Sri Lankan government's fight against terrorism and separatism to ensure its sovereignty and territorial integrity," the foreign ministry said in a statement, adding it hoped the conflict's end would bring about "peace, stability and security" in Sri Lanka.
The Foreign Minister of Iran, Manouchere Mottaki, has extended his warmest congratulations to the President and the Government of Sri Lanka on the success achieved by the island nation in defeating LTTE terrorism.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Iranian Foreign Minister has spoken to his counterpart in Sri Lanka, Rohitha Bogollagama over the phone. Mottaki has said that Iran maintained close relations with Sri Lanka and has always condemned terrorism and consistently upheld the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.Minister Bogollagama pointed out that the government would give utmost priority to the humanitarian exercise underway to provide facilities to the IDPs in the welfare centres

A Peoples President mingle with crowds celebrating nation's victory...

The Peoples President mingle with crowds celebrating nation's victory...

Having accomplished the most important and impossible national task of wiping out LTTE terrorism from the face of the Sri Lankan earth, the man who traversed many a street and every corner in his life and journey in politics, last night was seen mingling with the crowds celebrating the victory over LTTE terrorism in the city of Colombo.
This charismatic personalty, known as the 'Peoples Friend' in all time politics was none other than the Head of State,President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who in his life felt quite comfortable mingling with the crowds. Terrorism distanced him from the people for a brief period.But, his mind was with the people.That was deeply demonstrated last night when the people touched and worshipped him when he made an unannounced,sudden and surprise visit to the city and visited many areas.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa began his surprise visit to the people celebrating the victory of the armed forces, from the President's House and traversed through Thimbirigasyaya, Kirulapona, Nugegoda, Maharagama and cut across through Boralesgamauwa where he paid a sudden visit to a house that had organised a pirith chanting ceremony to invoke blessings on the President, the gallant armed forces and the nation. The people at the venue could not believe their eyes when they saw a familiar face making entry into the venue.The President quite solemn and silent stood in a corner and participated at that religous event.The people there were jubilant and emotionally moved.They later embraced the President, thanked him, touched him and worshipped him for freeing them from the menace of terrorism. He took leave amidst pleas to wait longer with them.
Thereafter, the President visited the Udamaluwa at the Bellanwila Raja Mahaviharaya to pay homage and later met the venerable monks at the temple.The prelates too thanked the Head of State and invoked blessings on him for his remarkable service and dedication to wipe out terrorism to free his nation and the people.At every turn he alighted from his vehicle, the jubilant crowds embraced him and the President moved freely holding the hands of little children, whom he cherished most as a father of three children.He told the crowds, and especially the kids, that he saved the nation for them and completed his (the President's) responsibility by all generations."I want you all to walk freely in your country without fear now.I have saved this country for you.Don't fear now go anywhere you like",a smiling President quipped in an overjoyed style.The little kids around the President hung onto the hands of the President to thank him.In his own inimitable style, the President,with one foot inside the vehicle and the other on the ground waved long and longer to the jubilant crowds reluctant to take his leave, to work another day for the nation and the people.

Pic by; Sudath Silva

President celebrate with the people

President celebrate with the people
President Mahinda Rajapaksa took to the streets last night to celebrate with the people on the victory over the LTTE. Picture shows the President greeting some of revelers at the Boralesgamuwa junction.
Pic by :Sudath Silva

Seven more LTTE leaders identified among the dead

Seven more LTTE leaders identified among the dead

Troops have positively identified bodies of seven LTTE leaders, says defence sources in Wanni.
Accordingly, bodies of self-styled "Brigadier" Soosai, leader of the Sea Tigers, "Lieutenant Colonel" Verti, a senior intelligence leader, "Lieutenant Colonel" Ram Kumar, an Intelligence leader, "Lieutenant Colonel" Manimekala alias Komali , a senior female intelligence leader, "Lieutenant Colonel" Anna Thurai , political head in Batticaloa, "Colonel " Rangan, a senior Sea Tiger leader, "Lieutenant Colonel" Vinodan , a senior intelligence leader have been identified.

Bodies of 18 senior LTTE leaders positively identified

Bodies of 18 senior LTTE leaders positively identified;
clearing operations continue
Armed forces officials have positively identified 18 bodies of senior LTTE cadres including that of Pottu Amman. The following is list of identified LTTE leaders found among the dead today (May 18).

Pottu Amman- LTTE's Intelligence Wing Leader
Bhanu - LTTE military leader
Jeyam- LTTE military leader
B.Nadesan- LTTE political head
S.Pulidevan- Head of LTTE's Peace Secretariat
Ramesh- LTTE special military leader
Ilango- LTTE police chief
Charles Anthony- the eldest son of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran
Sudharman - aide to LTTE leader's son
Thomas- senior intelligence leader
Luxman - LTTE military leader
Sri Ram- senior sea tiger cadre
Isei Aravi - LTTE female military leader
Kapil Amman - LTTE deputy intelligence leader
Ajanthi- female LTTE training in charge
Wardha - LTTE mortar in charge
Pudiyawan- Secretary to LTTE leader
Jenarthan - Special military leader

Meanwhile, defence sources on the field said that troops are now conducting search and clear operations in area. Troops have so far found over 200 bodies of LTTE cadres along with large stocks lethal weapons. .

Armed forces commanders promoted

Armed forces commanders promoted

The Commanders of the three armed forces have been promoted to the next rank with immediate effect.
Accordingly, the President in his capacity as the Commander-in-chief of the three armed forces promoted Army Commander Lt. General Sarath Fonseka to the rank of General, Navy Commander Vice Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda to the rank of Admiral and Air Force Commander Air Vice Marshal Roshan Gunathilaka to the rank of Air Chief Marshal.
The Presidential media unit says that these promotions were granted in return to the accomplishment of duties assigned in the fight to save the country from terrorism.



While many LTTE supporters in London refused to accept the death of their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran military sources said two individuals who closely knew Prabhakaran, namely Minister Vinayagamoorti Muralidharan alias karuna Amman and Daya Master have positively identified the dead body as the remains of the LTTE leader.
Karuna Amman was the former deputy leader of the terrorist outfit and Daya Master was the media spokesman of the group in the past. Both traveled to the battlefield to identify the man whom they knew so well.
Sri Lanka Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka in his statement said the dead body of the LTTE leader was found by the 53rd Division troops led by Major General Kamal Gunaratne on Tuesday may 19.
Interviewed by the state owned ITN TV karuna Amman said it was definitely the body of Velupillai Prabhakaran whom he knew so well. He said the Sri Lankan armed forces dedicated their lives and limbs to end this war of 30 years on behalf of the suffering Tamil people of Sri Lanka. Although various international agents attacked Sri Lanka, now many realize the truth karun Amman said. To build a new united Sri Lanka the whole nation should rally round the President he added.
Defence officials said Prabhakaran’s bullet ridden body was discovered near Nanthikadal Lagoon’s marshy area in the Mulaittivu district.
Read more:

Ranil thanks the President over the phone

Ranil thanks the President over the phone

The Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe telephoned the President Mahinda Rajapakse while touring abroad and thanked the President, the cabinet and the security forces for defeating the LTTE militarily, said the office of the Opposition Leader.The Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe exchanged views with the President about strengthening the national unity and providing relief to the war displaced. The Opposition Leader had informed that he was unable to attend the opening of the new parliamentary session since he was on a foreign tour, said the office of the Opposition Leader.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

President declares war 'victory'

President declares war 'victory'
Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, flashing a broad smile, declared victory Tuesday in the country's 25-year civil war against the Tamil Tiger rebels.

A crowd beside a portrait of Sri Lanka's president celebrate the country's military victory on May 18.

"We are celebrating the defeat of terrorism," he said in a nationally televised speech before parliament. "We have won and restored democracy in the country."
Rajapaksa announced that Wednesday would be a national holiday, to celebrate the war's end and begin a new phase in the country's history.
It is time for Sri Lanka to build "a new country ... a new nation," he said, calling "the defeat of Tamil terrorism ... a victory for the Tamil people."
"What have they given the Tamil people?" Rajapaksa asked, suggesting that the war had cost them far more than they had gained. With the war over, he said, Sri Lanka would begin to restore government services to Tamil areas.
The United Nations, meanwhile, urged the government to provide more for the 65,000 people who had fled the last fighting in the past few days. It said there were now 265,000 displaced people in the country.
A short time after the presidential address, the military announced that it had recovered the body of Tamil Tiger founder and leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. A local television station aired video it said showed his body.
The "psychopathic leader of the world's most barbaric terrorist outfit ... has been found," confirmed Gen. Sarath Fonseka, commander of the Sri Lankan army, according to the Ministry of Defense Web site. "Troops ... have found the bullet ridden body of the terrorist leader lying on the bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon," the ministry reported.
But earlier in the day, the pro-rebel Web site reported that the Tigers' leader was "alive and safe," countering previous military claims.

National holiday tomorrow!-Updated

National holiday tomorrow!-Updated

The President Mahinda Rajapakse has announced that tomorrow (Wednesday May 20th) will be a national holiday in commemoration of the defeat of terrorism in the country. The announced holiday will be for all Public, Bank and Mercantile sectors.

LTTE defeated; Sri Lanka liberated from terror

LTTE defeated; Sri Lanka liberated from terror
Sri Lankan armed force have militarily defeated the LTTE and freed the nation from three decades of terror, Army Chief Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka announced.
Meanwhile, defence sources on the battlefront said all top LTTE leaders were believed to be killed during their abortive attempt to flee from advancing troops this morning (May 18). According to the sources, troops have found a burnt body suspected to be of LTTE chief V. Prabhakaran. However, the sources said that positive identification is yet to be made.
Also, unconfirmed sources revealed that LTTE’s intelligence wing leader Pottu Amman and Sea Tiger wing leader Soosai were killed in today’s battle.

Prabhakaran's body found - Army Chie

Prabhakaran's body found - Army Chief

Commander of Sri Lanka Army General Sarath Fonseka has confirmed that the body of V.Prabhakaran, psychopathic leader of world's most barbaric terrorist outfit Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been found short while ago (May 19). According to the defence sources, the LTTE leader who has ordered thousands of Tamil youth to give up their lives for him has tried to save his life until the last moment.
The 4th Vijayabahu Regiment(4 VIR) troops led by Lt. Colonel Rohitha Aluvihare under the 53 Division commanded by Major General Kamal Goonarathne, have found the bullet ridden body of the terrorist leader lying on the bank of the Nanthikadal lagoon.
Ironically, Interpol wanted terrorist K. Padmanathan alias KP this morning told pro LTTE media that the LTTE leader was safe and sound. With the news appeared on media, thousands of Tamil civilians living in Colombo capital joined celebrations of the security forces' victory saying that the curse placed on the Tamil nation has finally removed