Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LTTE Asian propaganda channel terminated

In response to the continuous requests made by Sri Lanka's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Hong Kong based management office of Asia- Sat Telecommunication Company explicating that the Tamil Cultural Programmme is a pro-LTTE channel, the officials of the said company have terminated the transmission of Tamil Cultural Programme TV Channel through their Asia SAT 3S Satellite.
The decision was officially informed to the Sri Lanka embassy in Beijing by the officials of Asia-Sat Telecommunication.

Air Force hits LTTE fighter boats

Sri Lanka Air Force fighter jets pounded two LTTE fighter boats, defence sources said.
The boats were anchored close to the Alampil Beach near Nayaru Lagoon at the time of the air attack carried out this morning.

According to confirmed reports from the Air Force one boat was completely destroyed while the other suffered heavy damage.

Political parties propose constitutional amendments

Political parties propose constitutional amendments
In a new initiative to expedite the establishment of Independent Commissions and introducing new provisions to the 17th Amendment a group of legislators representing all political parties in the government and the opposition have proposed a set of new amendments to the Constitution.